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Our Mission

LIFE*SPIN is an organization dedicated to providing information and support to individuals surviving on low incomes. LIFE*SPIN strives to support the empowerment and self-development of these individuals in their efforts to attain self-sufficiency.

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LIFE*SPIN is  a place for low –income families to come year round for support, programming, community events, and a place to re-build their lives with a sense of community support around them. 

Community Economic Development Housing Initiative ~provides permanent affordable housing

Free Store ~ new and gently used clothing, linens and household items

Office of the Community Advocate ~ front-line services for mediation, referrals for services, homelessness prevention programs, and public legal educational resources

Christmas Sponsorship Program ~ matching children in low-income families to sponsors for support at Christmas

Old East Common ~ An environmental stewardship / outdoor learning centre

LIFE*SPIN  ~Building Community Foundations for Self-Reliance

What People Are Saying

"I cried many tears when I lost my job; no money for heat or rent, right at Christmas. My Christmas Sponsor kindly got my kids presents they asked for. I have a job this year, so we are here to sponsor. You helped me rebuild my self-esteem and treated me with dignity when I needed it most."

— Christmas Sponsor

"On the first day back to school, I forgot my lunch. So I went out to the garden and made myself a salad."

— Grade 4 student

"Every day for the past 25 years, I have seen amazing acts of kindness take place at LIFE*SPIN. "

— Founding Board Member

"This evidence appeared to have quite an impact on the jury and the media present at the hearing, effectively demonstrating how confusing the system really is."

— Barb Annello-report on the Inquest Into the Death of Kimberly Rogers, Read More

"London's unsung hero to the most disadvantaged!"

— Organization Reviewer, Read More

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