SCOUTS CANADA - Southwestern Ontario

Registered Name: Scouts Canada - Tri-Shores Region

Business Number: 107761694RR0194

As the nations leading youth serving organization, Scouts Canada provides children and youth (ages 5 - 26) an opportunity to be themselves, learn new skills, and grow into healthy functional members of society. Through our programs young people discover the best in themselves and the best in each other. 
For the youth who experience Scouts Canada programs, it is an amazing time and a life-changing adventure. Your support allows us to support youth from all across Canada, from within your own communities, to help them reach their full potential as good citizens for tomorrow.  It starts with Scouts!

About Our Programs

Scouting programs generally run once a week and on weekends. Weekend activities are offered as either residential or day camp programs at Scouts Canada camp facilites

Scouts Canada programs are designed for the following typical age groups:

Beavers for girls & boys ages 5 - 7

Cubs for girls & boys ages 8 -10

Scouts for girls & boys ages 11 - 14

Venturers for young people ages 15 - 17

Rovers for young adults ages 18 - 26.

There are presently 799 programs units operating in 119 communites in Southwestern Ontario.

Gifts may be designated to any of the 18 Scouting areas in Southwestern Ontario or to either the Battlefields or Tri-shores Councils.

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