Community Kitchen Program of Calgary Society


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Our Mission

Working within communities to help people learn to feed themselves in an economical and nutritious manner, providing food in emergency situations; and creating a supportive network for participants of the programs. Maintaining the highest standards of compassion, integrity and respect, the Community Kitchen Program seeks to achieve its purpose through active participation in a dynamic community of collaborative practice. Our aim is to overcome barriers of isolation, poverty, cultural and racial, as we assist individuals and families navigate through financial hardships. We focus on building self-esteem, providing practical knowledge and relevant experience.

About Community Kitchen Program of Calgary

The Community Kitchen Program of Calgary operates a self-empowering model to address the needs of marginalized Calgarians. We have continually evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of our city, in response to our deepening awareness and understanding of the complex issues of poverty and hunger. With the current escalating cost of fuel and food, the poor are at an even greater risk of nutritional deprivation and support for our programs is critical. We teach participants how to prepare nutritious meals, budget their finances – making their income stretch by preparing cost effective, healthy meals, as well as providing a means to access nutritious food.

What People Are Saying

"The students eagerly await your visit. Many of them are disadvantaged and this has taught them many life skills that they will take with them into adulthood. You have no idea how many of these students go without food. I save the extra snacks you leave us to give to those with nothing."

— Teacher at a school where the Souper Stars Program has functioned

"My daughter and I purchase a Good Food Box every month! Thank you a thousand times for providing an affordable way for us to eat well, live healthy, connect to community and be free from money stress!! "

— Recipient of a Good Food Box

"I find this food service wonderful. Me and my 2 teen girls find our cupboards close to bare without it. I get the food to make sure we have enough...this is very important to my family to continue to receive. I am very thankful and grateful for your services."

— Recipient of an agency enrolled in Spinz-A-Round Program

"Not having a job this year has been so hard. So paying only $50.00 this time for my daughter and me to get 16 meals is awesome. I’m very grateful for all Community Kitchen does for families."

— Member of a Calgary’s Cooking Kitchen

"Before we served the meal one small boy approached me and stated “I don’t have a big lunch today, seriously it’s really small, I only have a hot dog bun". "

— Quote given by a child at a Tummy Tamers lunch site to Program Manager

"I had one lady that was so over whelmed at what we did for people in poverty, she had tears in her eyes while saying “thank you for what you guys do here". "

— Volunteer Coordinator for CKP

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