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Our Mission

The Scarborough Muslim Association is a Non-profit, registered charity located in the centre of Scarborough (East Toronto) where over 140,000 Muslims have settled and the Muslim population is growing rapidly. It provides the following services to Muslims since 1984.

* Daily five times prayer Fridays, Eidain, Taraveeh congregational prayers. Over 2000 Muslims attend our congregational prayers.

* Islamic School teaching Muslim children Quran’ic recitation, Hifzul Qur’an, Aahadith and moral Islamic values.

* Family and youth counselling.

* Dawah programs.

* Marriage and funeral services.

In order to meet the growing needs of the Muslim community, the management has planned to demolish the existing old and small building and construct a new mosque and school building with bigger facilities to provide better services to Muslim as following:

* A bigger prayer facility to accommodate over 3,000 Musallis.

* Separate prayer hall for sisters

* A full time Islamic School for academic and religious teaching

* Full funereal and burial services

* A large Islamic library

* Multi purpose hall for community services

* Youth development programs throughout the year

The old building has been demolished and construction of new masjid is in progress. We need to raise four million dollars to complete the project. We appeal to all Muslims brothers and sisters to donate generously to complete the house of Allah.

"Whomsoever builds a house of Allah in this world; Allah will build a house for him in Jannah.”

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