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Our Mission

Empowering adults with developmental disabilities to lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.

Common Ground Co-operative brings together a large pool of expertise and talent found in existing institutions, agencies, businesses and other community groups to support the development and management of social enterprises, alternative employment support and career focused programming and support to youth and adults (18+) who have intellectual disabilities in Toronto. 

The role of the Co-operative is to promote individuals as independent and autonomous and to provide day-support programs to individuals who face barriers to traditional models of employment. We are able to do this by receiving donations and grants and some core funding provided by the government. 

Our Vision 

A world where all adults with developmental disabilities are vibrant, valued members of the community.

Since 2000, Common Ground Co-operative (CGC) has been creating social enterprise opportunities for adults with Autism, Down Syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

We provide job coaches and support staff who work alongside individuals to help them achieve their goals. We provide both hard and soft skills training and work to help people maintain their skills and are committed to helping people live to their full potential, all their lives.

As an award winning, charitable service organization we continue to promote the inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities in society. Donations to our organization are crucial in helping us to do this work. Please consider donating to our charity so we can continue. Thank you. 


What People Are Saying

"“I am passionate about all aspects of my job especially when it involves people. The Foundations Program taught me what is expected of me in my workplace, how to interact with customers and how important it is to work as a team. CGC helped me become focused on achieving success in life” "

— Partner & Client, Ron S.

"“I have Down Syndrome. My disability doesn’t stop me from achieving my goals. With the help of Common Ground I get to make decisions and choices that affect me and my co-workers" "

— Partner & Client, Andrew G.

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