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SummerWorks expands the possibilities of performance.


SummerWorks is a leader, collaborator and community builder at the forefront of contemporary performance – asking crucial questions; nurturing artistic innovation; and presenting new works that reflect the complexity and diversity of our society.


  • We collaborate with emerging and established artists and curators to explore new directions, experiment in form, and develop their professional capacities.
  • We curate, produce, and present programming that provokes, excites, and engages the public.
  • We cultivate and contribute to progressive practices that foster greater diversity, accessibility, equity, and sustainability across our sector.
  • We create networks and engage in creative exchange locally, nationally, and internationally.


  • Creative Risk and Curiosity We engage with artists, audience, partners, adn staff who are inquisitive, willing to experiment, and be adventurous. We encourage bold ideas, new directions, and big questions, cultivating space for exploration and innovation.
  • Care and Collaboration We carefully consider all the choices we make, understanding that the works we curate, the time we give, who we work with, and spaces we use impact the experiences people have. We prioritize connection and dialogue, as well as community and relationship building. By working with artists and partners to exchange ideas and resources we’re able to multiply our impact.
  • Diversity and Difference We celebrate diversity in arts and people, prioritizing inclusive and accessible processes and experiences. We look to introduce professional artists and audiences from diverse communities to each other and to be inspired by our similarities and differences.


SummerWorks curates, produces and presents artistic activities year-round that culminate in the SummerWorks Performance Festival every August. Our current activities include:

  • Presentations – fully-developed new works, offering a snapshot of contemporary performance;
  • The Lab – a place for exploration, experimentation and process where new work is incubated or shared at crucial stages of development;
  • The Exchange – encapsulating professional development and industry activities including workshops, conversations, mentorship and pitching opportunities; and,
  • Public Works – free performances, bringing artists and audiences together to experience public space in new ways.

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