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Compassionet Impact Development Canada

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Compassionet Impact Development Canada


Our Mission

To assist poor and disadvantaged families in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to obtain affordable housing, medical and dental care and to further their educational and employment prospects.

About Compassionet Impact Development Canada

Building hope and better lives with the poor and disadvantaged in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Away from the resort beaches, Compassionet Impact Development Canada works alongside local partners with impoverished families in Puerto Vallarta to help them achieve decent affordable housing, access dental and medical care, pursue education and improve their lives.

Volunteers share the work with local Mexicans as builders, health professionals, teachers and tutors; a different kind of vacation in the sun and one that creates memories and transforms lives.

Dry, safe, healthy homes: Tourist development has driven up land prices even on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta. Many working families squat on their land as they make payments for years before they become land owners and can begin to build a proper home. In the meantime, they survive in wood and tarpaper shacks and lean-to shelters that are hot in summer, wet in the rainy season and a haven for snakes, scorpions and bugs.

 CIDC builds then gifts simple concrete block houses. With priority given to families who have a family member with a disability, a safe home is an asset that changes life for families and future generations.

 The home building program is core to the work of Compassionet Impact Development Canada. Once families have a safe, decent place to live they have the energy to improve their lives in many other ways. CIDC is often part of what happens next and works with the families to assess their priorities.

 Education breaks the cycle of poverty that holds many Mexicans captive. CIDC volunteers teach English classes, tutor students and provide financial support to help children stay in school.

Scholarship Program: Finding the money to pay for post secondary education is not an option for many families. CIDC matches donors with young adults 15 years and older who want to go to school. Currently, CIDC donors are sponsoring seven students to pursue their education and break the cycle of poverty.

Community Development - Health and Wellness: The Derksen Clinic

Many people in these neighbourhoods do not have access to affordable health and dental care. The need is great, especially among children and elders. In 2017, CIDC supported the building and establishing of a free dental and medical clinic in Colonia Progresso. It continues, through your support, to provide free dental and medical care in these impoverished neighbourhoods.

Women's Circle

In Spring of 2018 fifteen women showed up for the first Women's Circle. All the women needed to make a little extra money for food. Sewing Machines were donated and they learned how to upcycle clothing to sell in the local markets. Baking classes began to produce muffins and cakes to sell too, as well as handcrafted blankets for cold nights. The goal is to create a women's co-op, to build skills, learn about business and support each other in community.

Micro Enterprise: Mexico is still very much a society of small entrepreneurs; the corner shop ‘tiendita’, the local garage and tire shop, a welder’s workshop, a food stall, the hair salon, a local laundry and so many more family businesses make up the micro economy of the neighbourhoods. Compassionet Impact Development Canada extends microloans and grants because so little is needed to make a big change and help someone to start a small business, buy tools or equipment, buy the first inventory for a little store, make that initial investment to begin a new venture.

His work, through our hands, to His Glory.




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