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Multi Position Tables

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Multi Position Tables

One of our greatest needs is multi position tables to allow residents to dine comfortably with their loved ones and friends.

It became very apparent to us the importance of purchasing multi position table when a couple that was living in our home was unable to eat together as their wheel chairs did not fit at the same table. This was heartbreaking! We all understanding the importance of sharing meals with our loved ones. Thanks to a kind donor we were able to purchase a multi position table for two and they are now enjoying daily meals together.

These tables are a critical to help our residents live independently. Modifying our home is one of the most important steps to assist residents with have physical limitations to enjoy their dining experience. It creates a comfortable, enjoyable, barrier-free space to for all of our residents whether abled or disabled.

We all have experience the importance of eating together with our loved ones. This provides time to be connected and feel loved, safe and secure.  Enjoying meals together improve nutrition, health, social and mental well being.

Socialization improves memory, provides greater self- esteem, reduces the risk of depression and eliminates isolation. Everyone needs love and support and that is why every day we strive to provide an environment that meets the needs of every one of our residents.

Your gift will make a difference. A multi -position table for four is $1200.00 and has an instant, daily impact for our residents. Our goal is to have enough tables for all of our residents to enjoy their meals together.