Immunodeficiency Canada

Registered Name: Immunodeficiency Canada / Immunodéficience Canada

Business Number: 872760897RR0001

Our Mission

Immunodeficiency Canada is a national organization.

Our mission is to improve the lives of people with a PI (Primary Immunodeficiency) by promoting early diagnosis and effective treatments and through leadership in research, education and advocacy in partnership with health-care professionals, volunteers, industry and government.

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About Immunodeficiency Canada

Creating success stories for children and adults affected by one of the 250 forms of Primary Immunodeficiency (PI). You can help by getting involved.

In Canada approximately 27,000 individuals (1 in 1,200) are born with a defective or no immune system (Primary Immunodeficiency) Many of these cases are initially misdiagnosed, which delays treatment and increases the chance of illness and death.

Immunodeficiency Canada strives to: ensure individuals are diagnosed and treated in time; guarantee individuals receive the best possible care and treatments available to alleviate their pain and provide compassion and support to families affected by PI

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