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Our Mission

The mission of Intertribal Christian Communications is to glorify God in all aspects of its ministry. Knowing that Christ could return for His Church at any time, we, as an evangelical organization, have as our mandate the responsibility to produce and/or distribute Christian media that:

1. will sensitively confront the unbeliever with the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( Evangelizing );

2. is culturally relevant to the Aboriginal* peoples in Canada and the United States ( Contextualizing );

3. will speak to the current issues that challenge Aboriginal peoples in the world today ( Communicating );

4. will aid in equipping the Aboriginal church in areas of teaching and discipling by having resources available to them for these purposes ( Equipping ).

*The word "Aboriginal" refers to Indian, Metis and Inuit. In the U.S., "Native North American" is currently a more common term, although "Aboriginal" is becoming more acceptable.


ILM publishes the award-winning Indian Life newspaper. It is our desire to share the gospel with all Native North Americans that they might find hope, healing and honour through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

ILM has published a number of books, including The Grieving Indian, Whiteman's Gospel, The Conquering Indian and more.

Our monthly budget is $20,000. ILM invites sponsors for our Tychicus Project, which allows us to send bulk copies of our newspaper to chaplains of prisons throughout North America. An inmate recently wrote saying: “I am learning about the Jesus way and I hope the publication Indian Life can help me…I don’t want my spirit to also be locked away…I had an old cellie who let me thumb through a copy of Indian Life…never knew there was this kind of stuff…”

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