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Uplift Indigenous Voices this Indigenous History Month

Registered Name: Indigenous Friends Association

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Uplift Indigenous Voices this Indigenous History Month

As June unfolds, the Indigenous Friends Association (IFA) acknowledges National Indigenous History Month, a time dedicated to honoring the rich histories, diverse cultures, and invaluable contributions of Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island (North America). Despite the month already underway, our commitment to uplifting Indigenous voices and honoring their resilience remains unwavering.

Throughout this month, we deeply contemplate the resilience and wisdom of Indigenous communities. Through initiatives like our recent INDIGital program, IFA actively facilitates the expression of Indigenous voices in the digital space, acknowledging their inherent strength and empowerment. By spotlighting the impact of this program, we reaffirm our dedication to standing in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples on their journey to success.

IFA's most recent INDIGital: Empowerment through Art Program, had 21 Graduates. 

What our INDIGital Graduates Say about the Program:

"This program gave me a different outlook towards digital art, as I didn't really see the connection between this medium and culture. I now know that culture is/should be connected to all aspects/mediums of art." 

"I learned that I shouldn't feel shame in accepting financial gain from my art work and identity as an Indigenous Person. I have learned I have a lot to offer on my lived experience in this world as a Indigenous Person and cancer survivor." 

"I appreciated being able to ask questions at any time and I felt very comfortable during the entire process, I feel like the pace of the class was perfect.” 

The IFA has supported over 700 graduates from our no-cost programs. 

With your ongoing support we can continue to provide no-cost education programs to Indigenous Peoples. Your support is essential in amplifying Indigenous voices and nurturing community-driven initiatives. By uniting, we can make a tangible difference and uphold the enduring legacy of Indigenous Peoples, ensuring its continued prosperity.