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Kirk McLean 14,978 Saves Campaign

Kirk McLean, former all-star goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks, has teamed up with the ICFSBC to help people in rural India! To watch the campaign video, click here.

The Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC is a registered local charity that leads village improvement projects in Punjab, India. We focus on providing clean drinking water, safe sanitation and basic infrastructure to improve the daily lives and health of people living in rural communities. Since the year 2000, we have conducted projects for 24 villages. With your support, we can help even more!

As a part of this exclusive web-fundraiser, Kirk is offering to send autographed photos to anyone who donates $100 or more to this campaign. A donation of $20 or more plus a twitter follow for @ICFS_BC enters you to win one of two Kirk McLean autographed Canucks t-shirts.

Why should you help out? Our projects are unique from other WASH organizations in that we do comprehensive village development. We create a whole system of water management that closes the loop of water use. Our projects ensure that every household has a clean drinking water source and a sewer connection, and that all wastewater is safely transported away from the home and treated. These interventions, coupled with paving roads, eliminates standing water that attracts disease carrying flies and mosquitoes. In this way, we address every major water-related health concern from diarrhea to malaria. The impact is profound.

To learn more about the ICFSBC, visit and view our short documentary about our impact.

**Follow and tweet @1kirkmclean and @ICFS_BC saying why you donated at #14978saves.**

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