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COVID19 - Organizing our Communities' Response - Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

Campaign Ends Aug. 31, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a rapid increase in issues around social isolation, mental health and finances. The Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, (CACG) with its 30 member organizations and their 35,000 members, is an existing community infrastructure that can be equipped and mobilized to meet the current needs and enhance the resiliency of our community.  CACG will do this in 5 ways. 1) CACG will train community leaders to develop teams that can support people within their community. 2) CACG will organize and equipping people to become “Block Captains” who will create neighborhood support teams, with a focus on those who are most vulnerable. 3) From our membership we will identify “Community Helpers” who with the support of community social workers and other agencies, can be matched up with the needs of the most vulnerable and those falling between the cracks to run errands, get groceries, etc. 4) CACG will draw on the expertise of our members and partners to provide web-based training, around topics such as basic mental health support, accessing supports, grief etc. 5) We will use this network to listen for emerging issues and use our collective voice to bring these issues to those who have the ability to address them. To do this we need staff that can organize, lead these volunteers and provide training. We also need communication tools for these staff and volunteers. Volunteers will be trained in maintaining physical distancing while offering social support.

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