IHERC Society (Animal Rescue)


Business Number: 776862724RR0001

IHERC is a non-profit/registered charity  farm located in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada. IHERC concentrates its time on helping the sick, the old and unwanted.


IHERC accepts dogs, cats and horses in need who are suffering on the streets, in shelters and in homes/barns that people can no longer care for. I understand unforeseen circumstances can happen to the best of people.  I care for the cats and dogs in my home, cage free, provide shelter, love, nutrients, my goal is to place them into loving caring homes. If you are lucky enough to acquire one of our rescue pets, note there is a contract that must be signed, and it does state if you can no longer care for said pet, the animal comes back to IHERC. Note: Those  animals that are old or sick will stay at IHERC until death does us part. I do my best in matching humans with dogs, cats and horses. My goal is to match people and animals in unions that suite family, lifestyles, hearts and to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and to stop the recurring cycle of animal neglect and abuse. 


One must realize the cheapest part of having an animal is buying the animal… you must think long term.. ie: vaccines, spaying, food, medical emergencies, and time.  


1.   Freedom from hunger and thirst2.  Freedom from discomfort 3.  Freedom from Pain, injury and disease4.  Freedom to express normal behavior5.  Freedom from fear and distress

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