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Sustain social justice during COVID-19

As COVID-19 exposes and exacerbates inequalities across the world, Inter Pares supports social justice organizations to meet the basic needs of vulnerable communities while sustaining movements for greater justice and equality.

Inter Pares - which means among equals – believes in solidarity, not charity, as an approach to international cooperation. For 45 years Inter Pares has supported social justice organizations in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Canada to implement locally adapted solutions to the injustices they face. COVID-19 has led to deepened inequality and vulnerability in many communities, resulting in food shortages, militarization, and increased rates of domestic violence. We support out our counterparts to respond to the immediate needs of their communities while carrying on important struggles for equality.

Here are a few examples of how our counterparts are responding to COVID-19:

DEMUS, Peru: DEMUS has formed a network of feminist psychologists to provide support to leaders of grassroots women’s organizations. These psychologists support women to face the challenges of confinement, including intimate partner violence, and aid those in unsafe living situations to access emergency accommodations. Their support helps to ensure that the women’s movement of Peru survives to defend human rights and equality throughout and beyond COVID-19.

Tiniguena, Guinea-Bissau: In the countries’ capital, Bissau, much of the population lives hand to mouth, selling goods in markets or on the street to feed their families. For them, being in isolation means not being able to put food on the table. Tiniguena provides emergency food kits to vulnerable populations and provides training on home gardening to bolster food security.

Corporación Arazá, Colombia: Corporación Arazá is working with social movements in Colombia to foster a solidarity economy in response to COVID-19. This includes a local food distribution network, an emergency cash fund, and provision of donated goods to vulnerable communities. They also advocate against the alarming increase in surveillance of and violence against social leaders.

Likhaan Center for Women’s Health, The Philippines: To ensure everyone has access to correct information about COVID-19, Likhaan Center for Women's Health translates World Health Organization recommendations and updates into Tagalog and creates educational materials. Likhaan’s large network of community volunteers distribute information in their neighbourhoods and educate people about preventive measures.

Please consider making a donation if you are able. When you support Inter Pares, you contribute to changing the systems that perpetuate inequality, poverty, and injustice. We feel special gratitude to those who can offer support to others this difficult time. Thank you for recognizing the need and for giving generously. Together, we can sustain social justice organizations through COVID-19 and beyond.