International Conservation Fund of Canada

Registered Name: International Conservation Fund of Canada Inc.

Business Number: 852478189RR0001

OUR MISSION:  To advance the long-term preservation of nature and biodiversity in the tropics and other priority areas worldwide.

Why the tropics?  Biodiversity abounds in the tropics and this is where it is most under threat. Tropical nature benefits the entire world by regulating climate, preserving biodiversity, and supplying fresh water, rainfall, pollinators, and much else. Canada's migratory species depend on tropical wintering areas.

With respect to climate change, tropical forests are crucial given the large potential to reduce emissions from deforestation and sequester carbon by allowing degraded forests to recover.  Top priorities are conserving primary forest, coastal ecosystems and peatlands.

ICFC in action...

With our projects in 31 countries, ICFC works with experienced local field partners who have identified a solution to a conservation problem and have the means to carry it out.  Our programs provide outstanding conservation value in relation to cost and risk.

ICFC was the top ranked conservation charity in the Financial Post's 2017 charity ratings.

Furthermore, 100% of your support goes to programs, because a core group of donors is committed to covering administrative costs long term.

We appreciate your interest and support. Together, we Canadians are  making a positive difference!

What People Are Saying

" Of all of the conservation organizations that I support, I am most confident that our donation to ICFC goes directly to finding a solution to specific problems."

— Dr. Erica Nol Department of Biology, Trent University, Read More

"I can say unreservedly that if you want your conservation dollars to go efficiently and directly to where you can have a tremendously important conservation impact ICFC is the Canadian organization to support."

— Dr. Adrian Forsyth, Executive Director, Andes Amazon Fund, Read More

"ICFC is scientific, agile and efficient. It is the Canadian charity most directly impacting tropical forest preservation! I feel that donations here will make the biggest global impact. ICFC is the primary charity supported by our medical corporation."

— Michael Lang, MD, FRCPC, Read More

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