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Curbing deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon

UPDATE:  Thanks SO much for the support that has come in.  100% of that is being applied to create additional needed guard posts to protect Kayapo territories in the highly threatened southeastern Brazilian Amazon.  We are grateful to Earth Alliance for support from its Amazon Forest Fund.  Additional funds are still needed and welcome.  (Our project page)

Portions of the Amazon rainforest are under intense deforestation pressure, yet in the highly threatened southeastern Amazon in Brazil, the Kayapo Indigenous People are protecting an area of 11 million hectares (twice the size of Nova Scotia) in partnership with our organization, the International Conservation Fund of Canada (ICFC).  The Kayapo have been effective at protecting what may be the largest tract of protected tropical forest anywhere in the world.

Government enforcement has been underfunded for years, but this year things have taken a turn for the worse with Brazil's new government denying the importance of protecting what remains of the Amazon forest.  This, despite expressed concerns from Brazilian agribusiness (who understand that the Amazon generates rainfall necessary for their crops and livestock) and international concern over the climate and biodiversity implications.

Absent enforcement against illegal goldmining, logging and land clearing for agriculture, ICFC and our Kayapo partner NGOs have stepped up guarding and surveillance activities. We urgently need funds to create additional guard posts.  Guard posts on river and other entry points to Kayapo lands have proved extremely effective in recent years.  Guard post duties are shared equally among Kayapo community members.  One guard post costs US$100,000 or around $135,000 Canadian.  Donations of any amount will help.  Thank you!

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