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Afghanistan Earthquake Relief


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Afghanistan Earthquake Relief
The Situation

A devastating series of earthquakes has struck the remote mountain villages of western Afghanistan. On October 7th, two powerful quakes rocked the region, killing over 2000 people. Just four days later on October 11th, a massive 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck again, causing further damage and trauma.

Over 12 villages have been affected with homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals damaged or destroyed. Families are grieving lost loved ones and struggling to rebuild their lives after this epic natural disaster.

Due to the extremely unfavorable rural infrastructure of the region, clear information on the extent of the damage and destruction will take days to confirm.

How is IDRF helping

Thanks to our localized approach, our partner in Afghanistan has already begun a needs assessment and logistics to begin emergency response. We believe that organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide long-term support for disaster victims.

IDRF will begin by helping first responders meet survivors’ immediate needs for food, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Once initial relief work is deemed manageable, we will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by our local partner in Afghanistan.