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Build a Water Well in Sahel, Africa


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Build a Water Well in Sahel, Africa

The Situation

The Sahel Region in Africa is one of the world’s most water-stressed regions, with erratic rainfall and frequent droughts becoming second nature. Global climatic disturbances have had a substantial impact on Sahel Africa’s freshwater availability. As per IPCC sources, the temperature in this region is soaring 1.5 times faster than the global average.Militant groups threaten their security, causing people to flee their homes, not having access to essentials, like clean water.In Africa, a single effective water hole can make all the difference between a living and a dying village.

How you can help?

IDRF, in partnership with local communities in the Sahel region, including countries like Niger, Burkina Faso, Cameron, and Mali, is addressing these ongoing issues by building water wells. One water well provides water to 575 people, 82 families.