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COVID-19 Emergency Response

As we focus on preventing the spread of COVID-19, our global communities’ response must support and encompass the needs of all populations, including those forced to flee their homes around the world. Amongst the more than 70 million people forcibly displaced due to persecution, conflict, violence and human rights, more than 20 million are refugees, of whom 84 percent are being hosted by low or middle-income nations which have weaker health and water and sanitation systems.

In response, IDRF will be supporting people in need around the world in Bangladesh, Canada, Somalia, Pakistan, Palestine and both displaced Syrians and Syrian refugees in Greece and Turkey. Families will be receiving family hygiene and sanitation kits to enable them to be more prepared and aware of the COVID-19 virus. Family kits will include soap, COVID-19 test, hand sanitizers, female and male hygiene items, toilet and tissue paper, sanitary napkins, and CDC COVID-19 awareness pamphlets (translated into local languages). To also further support families, IDRF will continue to distribute clean water in Syria, Somalia, rural Pakistan and Palestine.

You can support this effort by donating towards a pandemic relief kit, you can provide a family of 4-5 a pandemic relief kit, which includes:

Hygeine Products

Sanitation Products

Awareness Packets

$75 can provide a family in need with a hygiene and sanitation kit.