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Every Child Counts


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Every Child Counts

Join our child sponsorship program, and empower a child striving to unlock their potential. Your sponsorship fuels our holistic programs, empowering young minds with essential care, knowledge, and skills to break cycles of poverty.

Your monthly donation will ensure that children receive a quality education, nutritious meals, clean water, health care support, and more — moulding them into resilient leaders of tomorrow.

What is included in a sponsorship?
Nourishing Our Children

Fuel their potential with every meal. Your contribution ensures that every child starts their day with the energy to learn, play, and thrive. By cultivating sustainable food systems, we’re nourishing young minds for generations to come.

Clean Water Solutions

Your support ensures that the lack of clean water hinders no child’s learning. With each water truck, we quench thirst, prevent illness, and allow kids to focus in the classroom. Beyond immediate relief, we’re investing in sustainable infrastructure like wells, providing lifelong assurance.

Quality Education

We invest in teacher training, upgraded facilities, and providing vital school supplies, so that children in our care have the best education possible. Our goal is to create a space where every child has the opportunity to excel, and envision a future filled with infinite possibilities.

Comprehensive Healthcare

When children have easy access to doctors, clinics, and health literacy, they can have a childhood free of disease and health complications. We support children with regular check-ups, quality treatments, and medication, allowing them to learn, worry-free.

Mental Health Support

We prioritize mental health by providing robust support that encourages self-care, and bolsters confidence, encouraging children to chase their dreams with unyielding determination and resilience.

Education in Emergencies

We make sure that emergencies do not disrupt learning. With your support, educational resources can reach children even amidst crises. Establishing spaces for learning wherever needed ensures that every young scholar can continue their education.