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Licensed to Learn

The Situation

Almost 20% of Canadian children and youth live in poverty. Evidence shows students from low-income households are disadvantaged in the Canadian education system through to post-secondary training.

Only 31% of youth from the bottom income quartile attend post-secondary education, compared to 50.2% from the top quartile. Academic support and educational opportunities need to be more accessible to help all students achieve their full potential.

How you can help

Your generous donations will make academic support more accessible to students across Canada by helping bring the L2L Peer-Tutoring Program to schools and communities that need it.

We provide free, personalized peer tutoring, empowering students to support each other. We strive to increase students’ academic performance while nurturing the development of leadership skills, empathy and mentorship. We train elementary and secondary students as Tutors to provide one-on-one academic help and mentorship to their Peers. We support all students with a focus on schools and agencies that serve vulnerable communities.