Registered Name: International Islamic Propagation Centre Canada

Business Number: 806548632RR0001

IIPC Canada is actively involved in improving the negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims by engaging with the community through charity and education. For this purpose we collect monies, food & clothing to distribute among the needy (regardless of background) locally. We are also involved in educating both Muslims and Non Muslims about the peaceful message of Islam which we believe will help strengthen the social fabric and bring people closer together through understanding. To do this we have taken on the challenge to build a local mosque which will also act as a general use community center. We are also educating people against the wrong perceptions about Islam by printing and distributing Quran and you can participate (regardless of your religious affiliation) in this cause by donating towards all of the above mentioned activities and goals. This is not just a Muslim cause but this is a cause to build a better Canada through diversity and mutual understanding!

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