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IRQR Safe House and Emergency Relief (SHER) to LGBT Refugees

Registered Name: International Railroad for Queer Refugees

Business No: 848606067RR0001

IRQR Safe House and Emergency Relief (SHER) to LGBT Refugees

This fund will provide immediate and necessary aid to LBGT refugees trapped in Turkey by Trump’s travel ban who had already been scheduled for resettled in the USA and Canada.


Join IRQR (International Railroad for Queer Refugees; to help LGBT refugees from Iran, Syria and Afghanistan who are desperate to leave the horrors of life in their homophobic home countries behind.


All proceeds will be used by IRQR for our Safe House and Emergency Relief Fund.  This fund is focused exclusively on aiding LGBT refugees who are in Turkey waiting for resettlement to the USA and Canada.


The recent Travel Ban by Trump has dramatically impacted the lives of refugees who had already been approved by the Obama administration for resettlement in the USA.  These refugees, currently in Turkey, gave up their meager jobs, ended their housing leases and sold everything they had in order to have the money to come to the USA.  Now they’re stuck in terrible limbo, many with nothing but the shirts on their backs and no idea if they’ll ever be able to make it to the USA, which had already approved their resettlement.


The situation in Turkey for the refugees IRQR supports is extremely unstable since Turkey itself is a homophobic country.  Many of the refugees have been waiting there 2-3 years for resettlement and now their future is unknown and they have nowhere else to turn for support.


Please join us today and show the world that refugees are, and always will be, welcome in the United States.  Click “DONATE NOW” above and enter your donation amount – any amount helps!