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Back to School 2024

Registered Name: International Widows & Orphans Fund Society

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Back to School 2024

Ten years ago we started supporting Grace Orphanage in Congo to care for 35 war orphans. Our first goal was to send all the children to school. About half the children had learning challenges. We brought after school teachers to the orphanage to help the kids and in 2018 these amazing children had a 100% pass rate. Five of our children are now attending a local university and one is enrolled in a one-year a technical program.

In 2023 we took 16 more girls off the street and gave them a home. We now have 41 kids at school. We are excited to report that all the children passed their 2022/23 school year. The children returned to school on September 5 to start the new school year. We are asking for your support to help these special children continue their education in September 2024.

They attend Grand Lac school in Uvira, which is a good school with limited class sizes (max 30 students). The school requires the orphanage to pay the school fees up front. The fees include monthly school fees, uniforms, books, administration and exam fees, personal hygiene and project fees, etc. The cost is $350 per student for the year ($35 per month). Any amount you donate helps us give these children an education, which we believe is the first step to get them out of the grip of poverty, so prevalent in DRC, one of the poorest countries in the world.