Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA)


Business Number: 869288787RR0001

Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA) is a non-profit registered charity dedicated to working for the welfare of society in general and for Muslims in particular. ISSA promotes harmony between cultures, fostering respect and providing accurate and relevant information about Islam and Muslims to the larger Canadian society. 

ISSA helps facilitate building social bridges, navigate services, advocating on behalf of clients, collaborating with mainstream agencies, educating and building public awareness, and providing direct services.

What People Are Saying

"Today, I had the privilege of being able to attend a course ... entitled "Islam and Muslims". ... Our speakers were well spoken, funny and had a depth of knowledge not only about the title subject but about how to interact as a human being with other human beings."

— Brett Mitchell

"Fantastic multicultural communities, experience that brings people closer."

— Multicultural Tea Fest Participant 2016

"Excellent presentation. Everyone should attend.......... Thank you for addressing incorrect notions and myths about Islam and Muslims."

— Participants - City of Winnipeg - Cultural Competency Training

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