Ivar Mendez International Foundation

Registered Name: Ivar Mendez International Foundation

Business Number: 847805652RR0001

Our Mission

The philosophy of the Ivar Mendez International Foundation (IMIF) is based on the conviction that every person in the world has a fundamental right to achieve his or her human potential. Proper nutrition, shelter, health and education are essential elements for the development of an individual and are crucial determinants on his or her capacity to achieve their potential.

The IMIF has focused its attention in Bolivia, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The IMIF has concentrated its initial efforts on one of the poorest regions of Bolivia, in the province of Muñecas in the Department of La Paz.

About Ivar Mendez International Foundation

Based firmly on the principles of goodwill and service, our work is conducted at a grassroots level with negligible overhead costs. In this manner, the success of our humanitarian work in Bolivia is tremendously rewarding. The opportunity to serve and contribute to the health, lives, and development of young minds in an impoverished area of the world is a privilege.

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