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Jack Long Foundation


Business Number: 862875317RR0001

Elderhouse Supported Living Prototype

Campaign Ended July 31, 2020

Introducing Elderhouse - a place to gracefully age-in-place

Our newest venture! A new way to provide an affordable and safe way for our seniors to age-in-place.

A new model for single family seniors that emulates aspects of single family living. 14 Assisted & 3 transitional self-contained units. The right balance of independence and support. 

A place to live, visit, and enjoy life.

Elderhouse is designed to encourage socializing and visiting with comfortable, bright, and accessible gathering areas for residents and visitors.

Values and Principles

Dignity. Respect. Belonging.  These are the primary principles of Elderhouse. We asked what's important. "Don't take away our choices", they said. We listened. 

Elderhouse changes the face of seniors' assisted living. It respects the right and desire of seniors to remain as active and functional members of their home community. 

The Elderhouse vision grew from conversations with a community that respects and values their seniors and conversations with seniors who what to be decision makers, not dependents.

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