Jamaican Self Help


Business Number: 897337150RR0001


Jamaican Self-Help is an organization of Canadians working in solidarity to foster the development of healthy Jamaican communities through partnership based on mutual respect, understanding and a shared vision of self-determination; and foster an understanding of global forces North and South and their interconnectedness.


Jamaican Self-Help (JSH) is a non-governmental, registered charitable organization based in Peterborough, Ontario founded in 1978. In its beginnings, JSH was a volunteer based organization that worked with a Jamaican musical group to inform Canadians about inner city projects in Jamaica. As a result of this partnership, Canadians began fundraising, collecting goods, and organizing volunteer and awareness trips to Jamaica.  JSH was incorporated in 1980 and is celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2015.

The slogan for JSH is “Empowering People and Building Community,” which has become our core mandate and guiding principle behind every project supported by the organization. Our programmes help youth realize their potential and provide them with the skills to succeed so that they can positively contribute to their community. We do this by working in co-operation with local partners and community leaders, supporting the identified needs of their communities and building strong relationships with our partners. JSH has improved the levels of education and social skills of over 4,500 marginalized Jamaican youth and 1,800 adults with Canadian support and working in co-operation with our Jamaican partners.

JSH is currently working to help improve the living circumstances of Jamaican people by fostering self-sustaining programs such as literacy, skills training, community development, and institutional strengthening. JSH also has an active education programme in the Peterborough region and works with Canadian youth on social justice and anti-poverty issues that concern them.  In addition, we have volunteer committees in Ottawa and Peterborough who facilitate education and engagement of Canadians on global issues, making connections between the local, regional and global issues in development. 

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