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To empower and support children and youth with autism and their families, maximizing their quality of life by providing excellence in innovative teaching techniques that meet their academic, social and emotional needs


The Janus Academy was established in Calgary in 1997 to operate as an accredited, independent, non profit school to meet the unique educational needs of school-aged children with autism. The mission of the Janus Academy is to maximize the potential of each child with autism by enabling academic success and facilitating lifelong community integration.

What People Are Saying

"I think Janus Academy is one of the most amazing schools I've ever experienced. With what I've learned here, I believe I can make a difference for children with autism. They teach us what makes them special. Instead of trying to change them, we change how we teach and I think that helps a lot."

— Kendal Kurta

"The first time I went into Janus, I started to cry. It was such a good fit for Sydney. It was like I had hope again. I could see her having that full time support she needed throughout the day. Without needing intervention outside of school, we could be a family again. "

— Hailey F.

"To this day, I can't even tell you where Daniel would be, what would have happened, if we didn't have Janus. He's be lost, possibly institutionalized. I truly believe that. There's no other place that can provide what Janus does. Janus Academy not only saved Daniel's life, it saved our family."

— Mona J.

"The most important thing to me was every morning John would get up and I would know he was going to a place where he would be safe, loved and cared for and where the people who were dealing with him would communicate about him to me in a way that was positive, supportive and reinforcing. "

— Alice W.

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