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Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi)


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Caring for, inspiring and enhancing the welfare and wellbeing of Japanese Canadians in the Metro Vancouver area since 1975.

Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi)


Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi) is a registered charity based in Vancouver, BC, that provides a place where Japanese Canadian seniors and other generations can come for assistance or participate in a variety of programs. 

For almost 50 years, Tonari Gumi has been building relationships and connections with the Japanese Canadian community throughout Vancouver. From its early days as a group of Japanese Community Volunteers, Tonari Gumi has always been strongly focused on being a supportive community organization. It continues to serve the needs of its members and wider community, helping them navigate life in Metro Vancouver with greater independence. In addition, Tonari Gumi also helps them achieve health, wellbeing and happiness. 

As a result, Tonari Gumi’s goal is:

Caring for, inspiring and enhancing the welfare and wellbeing of Japanese Canadians who live and work in the Metro Vancouver area. 

In order to achieve our goals, Tonari Gumi aims to: 

  1. provide social services and recreational programs for older adults
  2. organize community events that bring together people from both inside and outside the Japanese community
  3. hold fundraising campaigns for our programs and services.

Tonari Gumi aims to achieve these objectives by providing a range of services, programs and events to Japanese Canadians. This is done through volunteerism, community involvement and the celebration of Japanese culture. Tonari Gumi also extends a helping hand to everyone in the community so that they can lead more independent, healthy and enjoyable lives here in Vancouver. 

Over the next 50 years, the main goals of Tonari Gumi will not change; we will continue to be focused on helping the Japanese Canadian community. We will be providing a safe space where everyone can feel free to come along, join in and connect with others. 


101 - 42 West 8th Avenue


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