Jessie's - The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Registered Name: Jessie's, The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Business Number: 118973734RR0001

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture the healthy development of pregnant teenagers, young parents and their children.

About Our Charity

Jessie's - The June Callwood Centre for Young Women was founded in 1982 as Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers. Since then, we have helped transform the lives of over 13,000 families.

Jessie's provides one on one counselling, housing assistance, an on-site high school, a health care clinic and a child care centre.  In additon we offer numerous courses in parenting, provide respite care if mom needs a break for a weekend, and a Community Education Program that helps educate high school students about safe sex and pregnancy prevention.

Each year we work with approximately 1,000 pregnant teens, new mothers, their partners and their children. We ensure each family has safe affordable housing, that mom and baby are healthy and that mom gets back to school while we provide quality care for her child in our child care centre. Our educational programming includes a TDSB high school, pre-natal care and nutrition as well as post natal classes supporting breastfeeding and parenting.

We have been helping young families prosper for 35 years!

What People Are Saying

"Never in my life have I done anything I am more proud of [other than my family] than Jessie's."

— June Callwood

"Jessie's provides Love, Hope and Optimism."

— Jessie's Participant

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