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Give the Gift that Supports Mental Wellness this Mother's Day

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Give the Gift that Supports Mental Wellness this Mother's Day

Misko first came to Jessie’s when she was 16 and pregnant. Initially, our prenatal care program addressed her most urgent needs: setting her up for a healthy pregnancy and preparing her for the birth of her daughter.

Now that Edna Rose is 20 months old, Misko and her husband are working toward their high school diplomas in our school program, and benefiting from our free childcare, food program, and access to housing support. Spending time at the Centre and joining group programs has also opened Misko up to a community of other young parents.

“Every time Jessie’s offers a new program, I’m always there. It’s nice to go out and hang out with other moms.”

One of those programs is N(aRT)ure, a 6-week course exploring art and nature through the integration of Indigenous teachings. Participants like Misko use art and connection with nature to alleviate stress and anxiety, and to boost their confidence as parents. “Expressing yourself in art means we can show people how we feel without having to talk about it.”

N(aRT)ure is just one of the counselling and mental wellness programs offered at Jessie’s specifically designed to support young parents. These programs not only bolster self esteem and emotional resilience, but serve to strengthen their relationship with their children and surround them with a community of their peers.

Will you support us in creating avenues to mental wellness for even more young families?

This Mother’s Day, your gift of $100, $60, $40, or whatever you can give, will offer pregnant and parenting young women access to mental wellness services and vital creative outlets. Your thoughtful donation will go toward supporting them in successfully navigating the early years of adulthood and parenthood.

It’s your generosity that allows us to provide young parents, like Misko, with the community support they need to rise and reach their full potential as adults. For Misko, N(aRT)ture ignited her creative side and inspired her to start making jewellery. She now sells beautiful beaded earrings on Instagram and at powwow events.

“[Edna Rose and I] now do art together and she watches me bead. It’s a good thing to teach your kids how to express themselves with art.”