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Friends of JFS

Year after year you’ve witnessed how downturns in the economy, changes in social service funding and global health crises draw closer attention to community members who have trouble making ends meet, who are at risk of social isolation or who struggle with mental health or domestic abuse.  The greater these slumps, the direr it becomes not only for those already in crisis, but for the many more who are forced into challenging life situations.

As more of our neighbours are forced to reach out to JFS for support, it becomes more challenging to ensure that we are running at full capacity and our team has all the tools it needs to support our work.  Year over year you’ve been there for us, proving that we can count on your generosity and understanding to make sure that our essential work continues.  You are the reason our families, friends and neighbors can imagine a brighter year. Thank you!

Now, more than ever, the well-being of our community is at risk and JFS is there, adapting how it supports an ever growing number of community members with innovative and responsive programming. 

Recent times have made it abundantly clear to us and our entire community that JFS is an essential service for so many individuals and families facing hardships, and the only way we can continue our work is through your support.

This year more than ever, please consider making your most generous Friends of JFS donation.  Every donation is important regardless of size and ensures that we, as an essential community service, are strong and able to support those in need.

All transactions will be recorded and processed in Canadian Dollars.