Jewish Russian Community Centre of Ontario


Business Number: 107534976RR0001

JRCC Furniture Depot

Campaign Ends Dec. 31, 2020

Who we are:

The JRCC Furniture Depot is the second largest furniture bank in Canada, providing FREE furniture to families and individuals in need in both north-east Toronto and York Region. We collaborate with many social services agencies that refer clients to us to get furniture, and therefore serve as a major support system in poverty reduction, homelessness prevention, and basic needs security.

Who we serve:

The JRCC Furniture Depot (FD) has assisted over 7500 clients in significant need between 2014 and 2017. In 2017, 90% of families served were living under the poverty line, 60% were newcomers, 60% have young children, 20% were OW or ODSP recipients, and 20% were transitioning from shelters. Majority of our clients were either sleeping on the floor or did not have a dining table to eat at prior to obtaining free furniture from the JRCC FD.

What we need:

Our agency wait-list is continuously growing, and we cannot accept additional clients due to funding limit. Please join our growing community of donors that support us with financial donations by either sponsoring families or assisting with the purchase of a second moving truck. The cost to serve one family at the JRCC FD s estimated by $300. Your generosity will help those in need to have a bed to sleep on, have a table to eat on, and assist kids in having a chair and desk to make homework. 

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