JFJ Hope Centre


Business Number: 118974104RR0001

What We Do

Strong families build a strong world. At JFJ Hope Centre we have been building families and strengthening lives across Ontario since 1948. 

Whether facing an unplanned pregnancy, struggling with parenting or resource challenges, JFJ comes alongside families and gives hope and support. Through our free confidential counselling, parenting programs and Care Cupboard resources, our families receive loving, non-judgemental help and support where they need it most.

We also offer educational resources for parents and youth, to help them navigate the teen years, with programs on healthy decision making, self esteem, the impacts of pornography and more.

What People Are Saying

"After trying some of the strategies learned at one of our parenting workshops, a young mother of two shared, “This actually works…after my second baby was born, I didn’t think I could be a good mom to two kids, but now I have hope!”"

— A young JFJ mom

"I love what you do and am proud to work alongside you!""

— JFJ Volunteer & Donor

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