JFJ Hope Centre


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Care Cupboard

Our purpose is to meet the practical, emotional and spiritual needs of families in our community who are struggling to meet the day to day necessities of raising a family. During COVID-19 we remain available to our clients through our Care Cupboard and Parenting Supports. Many of our families are financially unstable, are new immigrants to Canada, or have parenting challenges. They are doing their best to lead their families, but they need your help. We support families with supplies of diapers, formula and toiletries (when available), children’s clothing and non-perishable food items through our Care Cupboard Program. With the current pandemic we need your support more than ever. With COVID-19 we are seeing an increased need for diapers, formula and non-perishable food as more clients are coming to us for support. The longer this pandemic lasts the more urgent our clients’ needs are and the more clients we need to serve. Not only are we providing material supports, we have revamped our parenting and counselling programs to support the families who are now at greater risk because of physical distancing and isolation. Our group programs cannot operate so we’ve had to make our services available by other means in order to keep the support that is much needed, for every single client. Our parenting programs and free counselling are extremely vital pieces of what we do. It’s so awesome to see these young men and women seek help for what they perhaps didn’t receive themselves growing up. And knowing that their children will in turn become better parents because of the support we can give them makes the work even more significant. Please consider donating to JFJ Hope Centre during this difficult time so we can continue to help with the needs of our families and build a stronger world.