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Youth Reconnect

The demand for youth emergency housing in Durham Region exceeds the capacity available and it is heartbreaking when we are unable to find a homeless youth a safe place to stay. Increasing our shelter capacity is not the solution to youth homelessness, therefore we implemented a pro-active, prevention-based model that allows us to reach vulnerable youth before they become homeless – this is our Youth Reconnect program.

Youth Reconnect is open to any youth between the ages of 16 and 24 in the Durham Region that may be at-risk of entering into homelessness. Our Youth Reconnect Counselor works with the youth and their family to connect them with the supports they need to remain housed in their community. An integrated community system of care ensures that youth and their families are aware of available services, have the ability to access these resources and have access to information on youth rights - as renters, employees and students.

It is advantageous for youth that are vulnerable or in-crisis to retain their social support network and remain in an environment that they are familiar with and comfortable living in.

Your donation will help youth find the support they need to stay safe and housed in their community.