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Supporting our Clients during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Campaign Ends Jan. 1, 2021

The John Howard Society of Ottawa promotes safe and resilient communities through a broad continuum of services that prevents crime, reduces poverty, builds self-sufficiency, and fosters inclusion.

In Ottawa, we support hundreds of vulnerable clients at our 11 residential sites.  Our programs work with the most vulnerable members of our population – those who have significantly higher needs and risks, even in times of relative normalcy.  

Through the current Covid-19 pandemic, our sites are in critical need of maintaining staffing, as well as securing protective equipment, food and essentials in order to support our residents.  Through the eyes of our agency's Executive Director, Tyler Fainstat, "what sets this crisis apart from anything experienced in the past, is not just the extent of the consequences for our daily operations, but that it crosses over into all parts of our lives.  It is not just the work sphere which is effected, but our family lives, communities, and social spheres...This is no doubt the most challenging period our organization has ever faced and the way our staff have come together and stepped up makes me so proud to do what I do and work where I work.”

The John Howard Society of Ottawa is proud to establish this Campaign to continue to support our residential programs and maintain our level of empathy, devotion and support towards our clients during this time of need.

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