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About This Charity

Our Mission

The John Howard Society believes in effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes.  We are dedicated to creating genuinely safer communities by helping to foster a truly effective criminal justice system. The John Howard Society helps people reintegrate into society, thereby reducing alienation, crime and recidivism.

In short, we help people turn away from a life of crime. Surely, that’s what we’d all like to see.

About Our Charity

For example, we help with programs that focus on crime prevention, youth programming, reintegration services and restorative justice.  We visit the forgotten in jails and provide services to individuals who come into our office in dire straits.

Our mission is resolute. We want to help to create a truly effective criminal justice system – one that serves us all, that confronts crime and its causes and that fosters safer communities.  The most common question that we are asked is,  “Who do you serve?”  

Our answer is very simple.  We serve your fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, friends and neighbours.

Our organization operates with funding from a variety of sources that includes all levels of government, fundraising events and donations from businesses and individuals.

What People Are Saying

"Just a word of thanks to the John Howard Society for the help they give to guys like me. I came to Sudbury last year and I was referred to JHS for work clothing and a food voucher until I could make ends meet."

— Daniel H.

"I would like to donate to you for all of your efforts and help to support us with our son who is a youth at risk because of FASD. You have earned our respect and appreciation !"

— Heather V.