John Howard Society of York Region

Registered Name: John Howard Society of York Region

Business Number: 820357069RR0001

Our Mission

Effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes

About John Howard Society of York Region

The John Howard Society of York Region is a multi-service, non-profit, charitable organization. Reducing crime and the root causes of crime are important aspects of our organization's overall goal. Each year, thousands of people make a new start after imprisonment. Our goal is to help clients succeed at becoming law abiding and contributing citizens. We know that helping individuals find connections to their community, such as housing and stable employment, are instrumental in their successful reintegration to society. Stable employment will not only provide income, but also the opportunity to be productive, develop networks of support, and to build knowledge and self esteem. As such, we invest in increased community safety by providing meaningful reintegration support services to those being released from institutions.

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