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YEG Dignity Mural: Churchill/City Centre Pedway


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YEG Dignity Mural: Churchill/City Centre Pedway

Launched in November 2022, JHC is excited to embark on a new journey with Edmonton Transit Service and other trusted partners, including Indigenous artist Carla Rae Taylor, the Youth Wellness Alliance and Rapid Fire Theatre. Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) has identified that one of their most problematic and unsafe areas in the transit system is the pedway that links City Centre Mall and the Churchill LRT.  Building off the success of past collaborative work with JHC through the Paint The Rails project, ETS has approached JHC to take on a new public art project in this space that needs some love and vibrancy. Rapid Fire Theatre will work with us to create popular theatre to help bring out the stories in the mural. These stories and the journey will be documented and integrated into an online place based platform which passerbys can engage more deeply in the mural; understanding the process and stories behind it.

The use of murals in public spaces is well known to create vibrancy, energy and increase safety in the community. The project will be led by artists diverse in gender, race, sexuality and ability to amplify the perspectives of a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities and experiences and highlight the histories and people that have shaped Edmonton’s landscape and our collective yet varied connections to Mother Earth. The mural will be completed by Summer 2023.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 to support costs of artist fees, and art supplies and materials.