José Navas/Compagnie Flak

Registered Name: Compagnie Flak

Business Number: 140943176RR0001

Our Mission

• To create, produce, disseminate and lend support to high-quality choreographic works, for the benefit of as wide an audience as possible, on the local, provincial, national and international scenes.

• To promote and foster appreciation for the fine arts among the general public, and to develop understanding and interest among the public for choreographic works and its process.

• To seek public or private funding, as well as donations of money, of services, of property or of other goods, and to use these funds and contributions to advance the company’s goals.

About José Navas/Compagnie Flak

Compagnie Flak is a contemporary dance company based in Montreal, Canada under the direction of Venezuelan born choreographer José Navas. Creator of more than 30 pieces, his work can be recognized by his audacity and the usualness of the characters of his creations. Today, the words that best describe his work are: abstraction, sobriety, intensity and depth.

What People Are Saying

"“Poetry without artifice. The gesture is king and master.” “Poetry without artifice. The gesture is king and master.” "

— Voir, Montreal

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