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Our Mission

Jumblies Theatre makes art with for and about people and places. We promote art that is woven into life’s details and rituals, is accessible to all, engenders exploration and excellence, and supports artists of all traditions; and community that is fluid, inclusive and based on people doing something together. We dismantle boundaries, put together things that are held asunder, and stretch the spheres of “theatre” and “art”. We say, “Everyone is welcome”, and grapple with the implications of meaning it.


Our core approach has been to undertake multi-year residencies in urban neighbourhoods, partnering with non-arts organizations, and moving through phases of research and development, creation, production, and legacy. Through this process, we discover and express stories and images; collaborate across disciplines and traditions; bring together people of mixed ages, cultures, abilities and economic backgrounds; employ, mentor and support established, emerging and newcomer artists; and create lasting relationships with people and places. Each residency involves approximately 300 people, and over 30 skilled artists, and each production involves a cast of over 100.

All of the above we consider our art. Our large-scale productions are part of the process: landmarks (albeit highly-produced ones) along the way. Our overall goal (or product) is the making of transient utopias and lasting ripples.

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