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PB&J Trivia Night to benefit Justice for Girls

This event, hosted by Mumgry and East Van Jam, is being held to benefit Justice for Girls (JFG), a Vancouver-based registered charity which promotes equality, freedom from violence, and the health and wellness of teenage girls who live in poverty.

Your donation will support JFG in their work to promote young women and teenage girls' leadership, to educate the public, to provide advocacy and outreach for teenage girls in poverty, and to address the social and economic inequalities which increase girls' vulnerability to school and community disconnection, violence and exploitation, and homelessness. It will also contribute to our goal of developing a JFG Center in Vancouver.

The JFG Center will offer the sanctuary and support services that young women and teenage girls in poverty need to thrive. It will be a place for girls to come together, find their strength and dignity, build themselves as leaders, and contribute to social, environmental and Indigenous justice. The JFG Center will also be a trusted and well-equipped place for teenage girls to deal with all forms of abuse and violence.

Thank you in advance for contributing to Justice for Girls! Your gift ensures the future success of our work to promote young women’s leadership, to increase public awareness on the issues facing teen girls, to achieve lasting and progressive change in the systems that impact girls, and to create a safe space where all teen girls can thrive.

And a special thank you to our hosts Mumgry and East Van Jam!