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JDRF COVID-19 Crisis Program

Campaign Ends Oct. 1, 2020

Leading, caring and supporting the type 1 diabetes community during challenging times.

Along with the stress of the pandemic, job loss and isolation, the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community faces additional life-threatening realities. There are fears around potential shortages of diabetic medical supplies, including insulin, which is required by every person with T1D to stay alive. There is anxiety around trying to sift through the vast amount of COVID-19 information available to identify what is accurate and relevant. And, perhaps most importantly, there is concern about the higher risk of poor outcomes when someone with T1D develops COVID-19.

There was a critical gap and need for Canadians living with T1D and JDRF is taking a lead role in filling it.

By funding JDRF’s COVID-19 Crisis & T1D Community program, or one of its key areas of support, you can reduce the burden of this pandemic for more than 300,000 Canadian families affected by T1D and help to alleviate the immense pressure the healthcare system  is currently facing.

JDRF has established a COVID-19 crisis program with the objectives of breaking isolation, offering support, providing reliable information and creating a united front. In the first four weeks of the program, we have reached approximately 60,000 families through email, website views, social media and personal calls.

Your gift to the JDRF COVID-19 Crisis Program will support:

  • Wellness calls to families living with type 1 diabetes
  • Monitoring supply of insulin and diabetes supplies
  • Facebook Live Interactive Series, answering the most pressing questions facing the type 1 diabetes community around COVID-19
  • Expanding our website as a crisis community hub, offering online resources that provide people with type 1 diabetes with trustworthy information and practice guidance created by content experts at jdrf.ca/coronavirus
  • T1D Adult support groups
  • Youth Ambassador support conversations
  • Talk T1D mentor program

People with T1D must make up to 300 decisions a day about their disease – and stress only adds to the burden of management.  Life with T1D does not stop for one day, one hour or one minute. So, while the rest of the world is evolving to understand the impacts of this pandemic, families with T1D face even greater challenges and fear. Your support of the JDRF COVID-19 Crisis program will provide the calm and support that T1D families need now. It will build a stronger community and offer more connections to individuals living with T1D during this unprecedented and difficult time. Please donate today.

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