JVS Toronto


Business Number: 107535015RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

JVS Toronto believes every individual has opportunities for employment.  We enable people to maximize their potential at work and school.  We help employers connect with the right human resources.

What We Do

JVS Toronto plays a vital role in Toronto and York Region ensuring that job seekers reach their potential at work, employers build the workforce they need to be successful, and students perform at their best.

We do this through a mix of general services and tailored programming for job seekers from all backgrounds and situations, employers from all sectors, and students in primary, secondary and post-secondary education.  Our specialty is serving at-risk youth, persons with developmental and learning disabilities, newcomers to Canada, and the unemployed and underemployed.

We have extensive experience providing career exploration, job search support, employment recruitment, mentoring, job coaching and retention, as well as psycheducational, vocational and career assessments and treatment services, delivered across nine locations.

What People Are Saying

"JVS assisted me in overcoming these road blocks by really bolstering my self-confidence."

— Calandra Rowe, Read More

"JVS opened up a whole new avenue of recruits that we hadn't been able to tap into in the past."

— Clara Power, Human Resource Manager at Sporting Life, Read More

"When I first arrived in Canada, it was really hard. You don't know where to start looking for a job. JVS actually connected me to employers."

— Julia Alekseev, Read More

"The Workforce Specialists understand our business, they understand it's importance and it is a very busy store. They are there to help out where we can't always be working hand-in-hand with the clients. They are there to help them out."

— Jason Hagerman, Operations Manager at Tim Hortons, Read More