Registered Name: Kaleo Collective Ltd.

Business Number: 784172892RR0001

Kaleo (ka-leh-oh) means to call or invite.  We believe motherhood is one of the highest callings. Being a mom is hard; being a single mom is even harder. 

Kaleo is a Christian organization that brings hope, love, and connection to vulnerable families in the Greater St. Albert area by supporting and strengthening single mothers. We do this through the development and implementation of support programs.

We support the calling of motherhood by helping fill the gaps; by providing skills, support, spiritual nurturing, and connection to other valuable community agencies.

Each year over 3,000 women and children are positively impacted through Kaleo's programs; in fact most are repeat customers. We want to be be able to open more spots so more families can access our services.

Thank you for helping us accomplish this worthy mission.  We are deeply grateful.

What People Are Saying

"Tonight was awesome and I'm so excited for the whole 6 weeks. I love your time management tool it's what I've been needing for the longest time. This is so needed in my life as managing tasks is my biggest set back. Thank you."

— Single Mom Support Group Attendee

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