Kamloops Food Policy Council

Registered Name: Kamloops Food Policy Council

Business Number: 867490567RR0001

For twenty-five years, the Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC) has been initiating on-the-ground food action programs as well as working to advance local and regional food policy. Long-running programs such as Community Gardens, Gardengate Training Centre, and Foodshare, which have become mainstays of the Kamloops community, were instigated and championed by the KFPC.

Since 2013, the KFPC has operated a Community Food Action Program which mobilizes community members to become involved in urban gleaning, knowledge-sharing, seed-saving, and other food-related activities. This programming connects farmers, gardeners, citizen volunteers, teachers, and anyone interested in local food security. The core component of our Community Food Action is the Gleaning Abundance Program (GAP).  Each year, the GAP saves thousands of pounds of fruit and vegetables from going to waste by organizing volunteers to harvest produce for fruit-tree owners, gardeners, and farmers who are unable to pick their own or have more than they can use. The produce we pick is shared with schools, meals programs, and social service agencies in our community where it benefits some of our most vulnerable and food-insecure citizens.

The KFPC also works towards the long term community food security of our region by bringing together people from multiple sectors to develop new programs and policies that support a robust, healthy, and regenerative food system.

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