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Our Mission:

Kawartha Lakes Food Source is a community effort to reduce hunger in the City of Kawartha Lakes by:

(1) maintaining a central warehouse to supply food to organizations that provide food to individuals in need,

(2) raising public awareness, and

(3) working in concert with other local not-for-profit organizations.

About our Charity:

Kawartha Lakes Food Source (KLFS) is the only non-profit food distribution warehouse in the City of Kawartha Lakes and one of only four in Ontario. Kawartha Lakes Food Source supplies food and other domestic necessities to an average of 2,400 individuals per month through our 10 member agency food banks. We also support more than 2,500 students monthly, from ages 4 to 18, in 20 local school breakfast programs providing 8,000 breakfast servings each month. KLFS has, unfortunately, become an essential service. Our member agencies depend on us to provide their clients with a three to four day supply of food each month as well as other regular items such as milk, eggs and bread. KLFS supplies 90% of the food distributed through our primary agencies. In 2015, we distributed 230,000 non-perishable food items to our primary member agencies. As well, our 3 gardens produced 1,310 lbs. of fresh produce through our new Community Gardens Program.

What People Are Saying

"“Without membership in the Kawartha Lakes Food Source, the Kawartha Lakes Centre of Hope would not have been able to meet the increased demand. The necessities of life provided by KLFS to the membership have enabled us to provide for those who might otherwise go hungry. "

— B. Gimbel - Volunteer at Kawartha Lakes Centre of Hope Food Bank

"“The impact of a breakfast program is immeasurable. We've had parents phone us or come in to visit, indicating that money has run out completely in their home. Having a steady supply of food in the school allows us to reassure stressed parents that their child will be well fed whilst at school. ""

— T. Hetherington - Acting Principal Queen Victoria Public School

"“When we receive food from KLFS it enables us to help client in other ways, such as hydro, rent, heating and sending children to camp. It also enables us to have a larger variety of articles such as personal items, laundry and cleaning supplies we would not normally be able to access. " "

— D. Auger - Salvation Army Fenelon Falls

"" This Breakfast club program is “AWESOME” not only does it offer a wide variety of foods but it provides a relaxed safe environment for both staff and students. We must as a community work together to find ways to make sure this vital program continues.” "

— J. Ellis - E.A. at Lindsay Collegiate Vocational School

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